Get things done faster with less communication

Manage all the team work right from the chat and save up to 1 day every week.
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New work&feel for messaging
and task-management

Modern team's messaging is still broken for work being overwhelming and chaotic. Task management tools are too complex and overstructured.
We invented chat-centric collaboration tool where communication structures the whole team work on-the-go with no effort.
What can be easier than to create one more chat in Whatsapp? This is the same feeling you will have here, in Orchestra.
We believe that threads are not working. But tasks are immortal and always work.

Conversations style your team will love

Make chats great for work again

Chat is the most common and comfortable style of communication. What can me more easy to create a chat like at Whatsapp?

Add only members that involved

Save your team members time and attention to follow only tasks thay need to be in.

Now every task is a chat

Orchestra brings you lightning fast switching from chat to tasks and back whatever you are working on. That changes everything.

Supercharge your chats with the power of tasks

Assignee, Deadline, Status, Priority, Tags, Description — everything you need to keep tasks in control.

Always hierarchical.
Always flexible.

Structure on the go. Every new chat always have a place in structure of tasks and projects. This is how everything with organize itself on-the-go.

Make it visual and more collaborative with kanban view

Using cards in SCRUM, sales or CRM process? Now you’ve got covered too. Next step is Mindmap, Gantt and so on.

Reach any links, files and screenshots mentioned in tasks history

Reach any artefact your need in seconds with Media tab, that keeping organized automatically

Create new tasks right from discussion

No need to move it to task list and sync between. You wouldn’t need any threads too. Now to create another work chat is always good idea.

Search anything

We believe every team is an orchestra

Available for web: desktop and mobie. Soon: iOS, Andriod, Mac OS
And every team needs clean communication and notes (tasks) to play the melody together. We believe we re-invented messaging for work to save you 1 day every week.