šŸ”Œ How-to: Telegram integration

Why does this integration matter?

Working with external collaboratorsā€”such as consultants, freelancers, contractors, partners, customers, and investorsā€”sometimes brings challenges, like scattered contexts and fragmented communication.

These individuals often prefer familiar messaging tools such as email, Slack, WhatsApp, or Telegram and might not be ready or able to switch to Orchestra for specific tasks or projects.

But with our latest integration, that's no longer a problem! Now, you can effortlessly link their preferred communication channels directly to Orchestra, ensuring smooth collaboration without the need to change their habits.

Intro to Telegram Integration

  1. You can link any specific Telegram group chat with any Orchestra chat: Task, Project or Group
  2. By linking, all messages from the Telegram chat are automatically forwarded to the Orchestra's, streamlining your team's internal collaboration
  3. It's possible to connect multiple Telegram groups to one Orchestra's chat, and vice versa
  4. Connection relies on official Telegram bot, @OrchestraMirrorBot
  5. You can even link a personal chat with Telegram Bot and personal chat with Orchestra Telegram Bot
Interested to turn on end-to-end messaging to Telegram/WhatsApp/Slack right from unified Orchestra interface or using your own Telegram Bot? Text us to tell about your requirements.

Use cases

By integrating Orchestra with external group chats, we can ensure that all communications are funneled into one centralized platform, enabling the team to maintain a cohesive and organized workflow without missing out on crucial information.

a. Customer support and pre-sale. Redirect all messages, files, and feedback from group chat with customers directly to your internal Orchestra workspace, providing a seamless support experience and improving task completion times:

    • easily discuss with the team "on backend" your response to a customer,
    • quickly transform any message into an assigned task in a single tap,
    • forward to any specific chat to keep everyone in the loop,
    • quickly onboard new assignees with chat history,

Still, there is no need to maintain the access of internal team members in the Telegram chat (and keep there only important people).

b. Cross-platform project and event collaboration. Seamless collaboration with external stakeholders (e.g., contractors, freelancers, partners) who prefer using Telegram, ensuring that all project-related communications are accessible in Orchestra as a single source of truth.

c. Feedback analysis. Facilitates the collection and analysis of feedback from external groups (e.g., communities, investors, beta testers), allowing for easy aggregation, quick review and transforming it into actionable tasks.

How to setup integration

Step 1. Add @OrchestraMirrorBot to any group chat

Adding bot to Telegram Chat

Step 2. Get an authentication link for setup the linking

Getting auth link in Telegram chat

Step 3. Choose the destination Orchestra chat where you want to send messages from Telegram chat

Choosing destination chat to connect

Voila! You're all set.

If you've lost your previous auth link or you gonna connect it with another Orchestra Chat, send /link command to chat with the bot already added to get it again. This command works in Personal chat with bot too.

Messages types

All the forwarding essentials are included:

  • text messages,
  • files (on a basic Plan, less than 10 MB),
  • voice-/audio-messages,
  • video-messages ("circles"),
  • rich text formatting: bold, italic, hyperlinks,
  • mentions of Telegram users.

Up Next: Integration with WhatsApp chats and end-to-end messaging via bot.