What's new in Orchestra: Mar`24

March is spectacular. Just like an Orchestra!

πŸ“ž πŸ†• In-App Voice Rooms & Video Calls

We're thrilled to announce one of our most anticipated features. We've integrated a call button into every chat, making it effortless to connect and keep everybody in sync.

Call button in every chat

Forget about sharing Zoom or Google Meet links. Just tap & go:

  1. Instantly start a voice call in any chat
  2. Easily switch to a video call, enabling cameras
  3. Share your screen whenever necessary
  4. Copy a meeting link for external participants*
  5. Record your call and access the recording immediately after*
  6. Navigate through Orchestra seamlessly during calls
  7. Compatible with all devices: both mobile and desktop

*β€”currently, available only for beta users.

Upcoming: recording feature for everyone, auto-generated meeting notes with tasks and members mentions (it's magical!)

🍏 πŸ†• Apple Authentication

Sign Up or Sign In to Orchestra effortlessly using your preferred method of authentication: Email, Google Auth, and now Apple Auth.

Available across web, desktop, and iOS applications.

πŸ’» πŸ†• Desktop Apps: Mac OS & Windows

Experience a clean and smooth workflow with our new native desktop applications.

πŸ”— πŸ†• Download Page

Visit our `Download` page to get the latest application files and find links to the App Store and Google Play: https://orch.so/download

Download Orchestra Apps
App Store, Google Play, MacOS and Windows

Small yet significant enhancements

  1. πŸ”— Message author on forwarded & replied messages from telegram integration
  2. πŸ”„ Retry chat history in case of loading failure

πŸ› οΈ Plus, we've made numerous other minor tweaks and enhancements. See you in the next update!