What's new in Orchestra: Dec`23

We've done a lot this month to make you even more unstoppable.

Dec 2, Release v0.108.12

šŸ’¬ šŸ†• "Recent" tab in Chat-list

Recent chats are the chats you've recently visited. We've made your personal chat visit history a new feature for you.

šŸ“© Update: Unread tab, now with grouping

Inbox can be tough, especially after a vacation or a business trip. That's why we've reimagined an Unread tab for you. Now all unread messages are structured for your productivity:

  • Mentioned. chat where you've been mentioned or someone replied to your message, and personal chats updates
  • Tasks. WIP
  • Other. WIP

āŒØļø New Shortcuts

Navigate through the chat list using keyboard, while search input is focused:

  • ā¬†ļøā¬‡ļø Arrows to highlight chats in current tab
  • ā†©ļø Enter to open highlighted chat
  • ā†”ļø Tab to switch tabs forward, Shift+Tab for backward

All shortcuts in one place are here ā†’

šŸ“š An update for Layers

Switching chats now preserves the open Info state. Opening project chat from left sidebar now opens the project page as well (Use CMD/Ctrl+Click to open it in current layers stack)

šŸ› ļø And, as always, lots of other minor fixes, improvements and tech staff under the hood. It's all for you, folks!